How to Sleep Better Even Through Chronic Pain


If you have chronic pain, this can significantly affect your sleep. According to the Sleep in America Poll in 2015, 21% of adults lose sleep due to chronic pain, plus 36% with acute pain the past week. When you feel pain, this may be due to two things: having poor health and being stressed. Pain not only disrupts sleep, but also worsens sleep quality. Thankfully, there are ways to resolve the problem, but first, talk to your doctor to help treat the pain. Then, you can do the following, so you sleep soundly at night:

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Why Bed Rest for Back Pain is Just a Medical Myth

Low back pain is a common yet dreaded problem in many parts of the world and about 31 million Americans suffer from it. The instinctive reaction to pain, especially back pain, is to rest that part of the body. Reducing activities and lying down on the bed are considered as the best ways to let the body heal. But since the mid-90s, studies have shown how a more active treatment is much better than getting bed rest.

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Steps to Choosing the Most Comfortable Pillow for You


If you’re not getting enough rest, the problem could be because you have the wrong pillows. If your pillow does not provide good support for your neck, head, and shoulders, you could keep tossing and turning every night. While less sleep for one or two nights is not truly dangerous, this can put you at risk for various diseases, including depression and obesity if this becomes a routine.

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